The Creative Minds team’s ultimate goal is to provide the children at the CYEC with a stable future and to make them aware of the electronic waste issue that the people here in Kenya are currently facing. We would like the children to create these pieces of art with the help of the staff at the CYEC and the students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKAUT). We would later like to market and sell their pieces in America. The reason for wanting to bring their creations back to America is because the market is larger. Currently, a popular trend is “going green,” and after speaking with local business owners they seem to be very interested and is more than willing to support our mission. Currently we are trying to find ways to collaborate with artists and local business owners. In fall semester 2011, JKAUT students and faculty will visit Penn State Berks to further work on this project. Below you will find a small sample of market analysis of similar products that are currently in the market both in America and in Kenya. (America)


Resistor Necklace


Resistor Earrings


Resistor Bracelet


Circuit Ring



Unfortunately after reviewing the market in Kenya, more specifically Nyeri; there isn’t a large return in profit in this area. There is definitely a market and a greater opportunity in a larger city like Nairobi, but we do not want to solely rely on that area. Our goal is to bring the merchandise from Kenya back to Reading, Pennsylvania where we can then create a larger opportunity for the children at the CYEC.

Prior to our trip to Kenya, Krystle met with a few local businesses that would be interested in housing our products in the near future. One of the firsts was a local gift shop that sells homemade goods called Hello Bluebird; it is located on Penn Ave in West Reading. Krystle spoke with Alex McCarty owner of Hello Bluebird, who showed much interest in our mission, and the end product. Following this brief meeting, Krystle also met with the manager of the gift shop located in the lobby of the GogglesWorks. The GogglesWorks is an art studio and gallery for local artists. There was also an interview with Ten Thousand Villages in Philadelphia; she spoke with an employee who gave her very helpful information about the process to take to be able to get our products housed there. Lastly, Krystle spoke with a gentleman by the name of David Telstar, who is the owner of RAW (Reading Artworks). He showed much interest in possibly starting this idea in Reading PA and involving the youth in our local neighborhoods. All the local businesses showed much interest and endless support. They all mentioned that they found our idea the most unique, and one of a kind. The Creative Minds team hopes to be able to get the opportunity to possibly team up with one or more of these businesses and getting closer to helping the youth at the CYEC.  For more information on the businesses mentioned above please visit:

Hello Blue Bird

Goggle Works

Ten Thousand Villages

Reading Art Works


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