Seeing the Progress

Reactions to the project:

“Interacting with Anthony opened my eyes a little wider in terms of world culture. He shared with me a great deal of Kenya’s knowledge of America and how our cultures were related. He is not only bright but also intuitive. Should I travel to Kenya, I feel that I will be better prepared for the experience and know what to expect now that I have learned so much from Anthony. I also set up his prepaid phone which was a learning experience as well since go phones have evolved since my last interaction with them. Overall, Anthony’s trip was very beneficial to the project and interesting for me personally.  I’d like to thank Penn State as a whole. WE ARE PENN STATE!”
-Andrew Hlavaty

“Over the past week, the Creative Techor team hosted Tony Munyi from Kenya. The team collaborated with Tony regarding the current and future state of the project. A display was set up at GoggleWorks in Reading, PA to create an awareness and interest for the project. A workshop was completed at Lauer Park Elementary School to educate the students of Reading on the electronic waste issue. At the conclusion of the week, Tony presented to students and faculty in relation to his work and life in Kenya. The team was recognized in a press release by Penn State Berks and in an interview with WFMZ. The team will now be working on creating a consistent flow of products from Kenya to Reading, Pa.  Special acknowledgments to NCIIA, Penn State, GoggleWorks, Lauer Park, and Dr. Sadan Kulturel.“
-Krysta Kamowski 

“My team, Creative Techor, and I had the privilege of hosting Tony Munyi, a student from Kenya.  Tony is one of the supervisors of the creation of the jewelry in Kenya.  The entire experience while Tony was here was both educational and eye opening.  I was so interested in his lifestyle in Kenya that I found myself interviewing him every chance I got.  We showed Tony around Reading and even took him to his first Walmart and Mcdonald’s trip.  I was very surprised to learn from Tony that our lifestyles are not very different.  We listen to the same songs and watch the same television shows.  It is just one small example of how globalization has impacted the world.  Tony helped us to further understand the culture in Kenya and to support our own opinions of the project’s sustainability.  We also taught him how to create certain unique electronic waste pieces so he can take that knowledge back with him to the CYEC.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Tony.  His time in the United States has given me an experience and expertise that I will never forget.  A special thank you to the NCIIA and everyone involved with the CYEC for making this entire project possible.“
-Ryan Fink

The below shows the recent progress of the Creative Techor design team.

(Spring 2012)

Creative Techor production

A beautiful earring

Tony and Krysta working diligently

Inside the Entrepreneurship Center

A gorgeous necklace

Ryan dipping the jewelry in a protective coating and hanging them to dry

Ryan and Tony working on some pieces

Creative Techor demonstration

Lauer’s Park Elementary School

The team traveled to an elementary school to work with students

Tony working with the students

Krysta with the students

The host teacher with students

Ten Thousand Villages

The team traveled to ‘Ten Thousand Villages’

Inside ‘Ten Thousand Villages’

Educating others about Creative Techor

Tony and the team presenting the project

The display table

The first day at the display table

Krysta and Dr. Kulturel working the display table

Customer showing interest

The display table in action while Ryan is being interviewed


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